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Computer Maintenance

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Computer Maintenance services include: Complete Care Check-ups, Specific Maintenance Tasks, Hardware Installations, Software Installations, Restorations & Recoveries, System Hardware Cleaning, Network Configurations and more...

Computer Maintenance

All Computer Maintenance Tasks start at only $5, unless otherwise stated.

Complete Care Check-ups
Typically consists of the following 7-task process:
Security Definitions Update
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Scans
File Back-up (if applicable)
Windows Disk Cleanup
Windows Disk Defragmentation
Security Center Optimization
Optimized Windows Firewall Settings

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Hardware / Software Installations

Restorations & Recoveries

System Hardware Cleanings    ($15)

Network Configurations

Ask about other available computer maintenance services...

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Computer Maintenance


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Computer Maintenance

Cleaning a system's internal circuits and hardware has been proven to boost performance and increase lifetime!

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